Thursday, November 22, 2007

What if you really could just erase your fears? Would you do it? Can you name the fears you have that you would place on this wall?

I never considered myself a fear based person really. But most recently, I am realizing how precious life is and I am worried that I will squander my time here on Earth.

The most recent stuff I am reading suggests that happiness is in the now. Appreciating each moment and being present with myself and others around me. The theory is that if I string a bunch of worthwhile todays, I will in retrospect have a meaningful and enjoyable life.

Anxiety and fear just messes that up; creates a block to experiencing life- it injects doubt and breeds discontentment.

I have been feeling this discontentment and I am tired of it. I have to stop regretting what I could have had or wished I had. Stop worrying about the future and give it my best guess and go for it. I have been stagnant too long.

Time to wake up, walk over to the wall and erase my fears.

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