Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apathy at it's Best

As the presidental election approaches and the weight of the failing economy bears down, I reflect upon how apathetic I feel within the political realm.  I am losing faith that we have the ability to actually look at issues and work together to solve problems.  I think corruption and greed is rampant.  I don't trust that our leaders, republican or democrat, are really trying to make things better.  Worse yet, I think any true attempts to problem solve may be riddled with so much compromise that integrity is lost. 

So much of what I have held dear regarding our Land of the Free has turned out to be false.  Motives for our fights, reasons we approve one bill and not another.....seem steeped in rationalites often unrelated to the true or intitial intent.  Even more depressing is the fact that I don't know enough and even when I seek information out, there is a good chance it may not be accurate.  So much that happens in Washington is the opposite of transparent. 

I am a believer of learning what you can and making the most intelligent choice.  I just don't like the choices.  Even if I was charged with leading our nation.....I find myself at a loss for how to fix what is broken.  I am concerned that the culture of our government is broken to a level that cannot be repaired without major change. 

I don't say this to disparage our current leader Barack Obama.  I think many of his ideals could have worked with support. Investment in the argument  and polarity between parties makes true progress impossible.