Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drive In, Eat Good

Went to Dan's Drive In on Saturday after Alea's game (she did great) The food was delicious and the atmosphere was whimsical. What impressed me was they knew how to make eggs benedict proper and even asked me if I wanted my egg poached soft, medium or hard--now that is what I am talking about!!

I love diners. There are usually kind waiters/waitresses, good home cooking and interesting motifs. I have passed by this one on S. High Street many times and have not had the chance to stop. Glad we did!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I told Kye to go downstairs and find his bathing suit so we can go to the Y tonight.
After a while he resurfaced from the dungeon and proclaimed,

"So......... Mom, I not a very good looker, you are way better at it--maybe you can find my suit".

I am not sure how much faith I have that he really tried. He did however find a game he wanted to play. So now he is playing tanagrams on the family room floor.

My dilemma is whether to encourage him to look harder or bask in his compliment :-).

I think he needs to give it one more try.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Vision

There is a body of thought in the world called the Law of Attraction. I do not believe in it lock stock and barrel, but I believe there are some elements that ring true. One element I would describe as visioning. It is where you express your vision for the future as if it were already true.

I wrote the vision for myself on March 26, 2007 within my journal and as I turned to that page today, I realized it is the same for me now. I also recognize that even though I expressed my vision then, I did not take as many steps toward it as I would have liked. I find that I am a bit behind. Of course, there have been many wonderful moments along the way--just not there yet. So, my first action is to place my thoughts here and then take steps, small and large, toward my end goal.

Within the Law of Attraction you are coached to write your vision by expressing gratefulness as if it is already present in your life:

I am eternally grateful that

  • I experience a deep, loving, fun relationship with my children where we can express true connection and love.

  • I have a fulfilling career with a sense of purpose, where I use my gifts, and have esteem in my field of choice.

  • I am financially stable, have extra money to play with, the ability to travel and make purchases without contributing to debt.

  • I have a easy going, fun and loving relationship with an attractive man that leads to a bright and happy future.

  • I feel good within my spirit, within my body and I am physically and emotionally healthy.

These are not in any particular order and in many ways I have elements of each of these in my life currently. I am grateful for each blessing. I believe we are all on a journey and have access to these blessings. I try every day to realize and live in the knowledge that happiness is present at all times.

My main goal is to make decisions that reflect and align with my goals and purpose in a consistent way so that I can fully experience this happiness. Along the way, I have forgotten my goals or have been distracted and I am sure that may happen again but then, it will just be time to hop on the path again.

To life well lived! (Imagine that I am raising my glass in a toast :-)