Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calling all Cans

Hey world,
Anybody have any canning supplies that you can lend me? Or, maybe some canning jars that we may have?
I am sponsoring a canning class at the Columbus Catholic Worker and would like to keep costs down. The class will be on August 12th, so I would need to collect supplies before then.
Later in the season, we will be "processing" veggies at harvest to put in the house pantry for the winter. Any assistance you may want to offer is appreciated.
Let me know if you can help in any of these ways-- it is greatly appreciated!! E

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Introducing the Girls

Two of the three hens living in our coop

Our first egg

Shot of the coop with a metal door for a roof

Well, here is a dream realized. How lucky am I? A friend gave me the coop, another the hens while others gave much help with coop maintenance and materials. Thank you.
Aren't they beautiful creatures?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bad Boys

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend about how girls/women like bad boys rather than nice guys. I pondered this a bit and have come to some conclusions about this notion. I think it is true that if a man tries to woo a woman in the early stages of dating by going over the top (things like flowers, excessive compliments etc.) it can be a detraction. The woman will know that or at least feel like it is just a ploy to "win" her. This can feel manipulative and not very enticing. I know that the sentiment can be coming from a nice place, but it has the wrong effect.

It is also true that women like men with a sense of adventure. Men who are willing to speak their minds (while considering other opinions). And men, who are willing to take risks. These qualities can be placed in the bad boy category. It is not necessary for a man to be a bully, or unappreciative, callous or rude. However, a little mischievousness (while treating the woman like a queen) can really tickle the fancy. There are ways to be a bad boy without being a jerk.

A man with confidence is very appealing. This quality is not only reserved for men. I have experienced this myself. When I am confident and sure men seem to find me increasingly interesting.

I must admit that I do like shy guys too--especially when a guy knows he has something to offer but is a little hesitant in his approach. Nothing like knowing a guy is into you and you him--just needing a little nudge to bridge the gap. It can be fun to nudge.

Having said this, I really think that once you have established a relationship with someone, it is still important to cultivate your sense of adventure, express your confidence and take risks but it is also time to turn on the charm. Even though it is no longer necessary to woo your partner, any act of kindness will go a long way. It will be (with a sincere approach) a true gesture of your love. So many times, we get into a rut by worrying about attending to the things that "need" doing that we lose focus. Bring your focus on how to be your best self and express your true appreciation for those around you. I guarantee that you will benefit from this approach way more than staying in your rut.

So guys and gals, give that bouquet of flowers, write that little love note, whisper a tender notion your lover's way--take the risk and make it an adventure. Life is too short to not feel the goodness.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I had the pleasure of attending a Zumba class at the downtown Y on Wednesday. The class was energetic, fast and involved a lot of hip movements. Whew!! The Latin music was lively and the instructors kept encouraging us to bring on the attitude. I walked away sweaty, tired and energized. I love being physical-- it is in my nature to move and this class did not disappoint.

It serves as a reminder that I need to keep a movin'.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cosmic Synergy around Global Concerns

Something strange is going on. I recently met authors (Jim Hodge and Linda Cooper) of a book entitled, Disturbing the Peace: The Story of Father Roy Bourgeois and the Movement to Close the School of Americas. They visited the Columbus Catholic Worker House where I volunteer some of my time. They are lovely people and their book is an interesting tale which compells you think about the world and your place in it. Below I have included information for participation in the study based on this book. All are welcome. This meeting was the first circumstance that started the ball rolling for me regarding global justice issues.

So, I meet these authors, help develop a book study and share information with other churches, organizations and friends. In the course of visiting the Quaker Friends House on campus to talk up the study, a gentleman invited us to attend a Woody Guthrie-like concert that following Saturday. The opportunity sounded fun to me with a chance to meet new people, enjoy a concert within the intimate setting and jam to some folky music. We continued our advertising tour and went to my old church Maynard Avenue United Methodist Church, and talked with Pastor Patti -she indicated that she got arrested for crossing the line at the School of the Americas and that she was very aware of Fr. Roy and would be happy to to share the book study with others.

That Saturday, I attended the concert only to find that the musician (Tom Neilson) was wearing this t-shirt:


Sunday at mass, we had a visiting priest from Rwanda. He shared the need expressed there since the Genocide took place. Not even three weeks ago my friend Kristy suggested that I read a book by a woman named, Immaculee Illibagiza. She survived this very genocide by hiding with 6 other women in a bathroom. The seven women were huddled in that bathroom measuring three feet by four feet, for 91 days. They took turns standing and stretching. You can read about her book here.

What is God calling me to? I don't really believe in coincidence. Why, am I, one of the more ignorant of world affairs, being invited to focus on this now? He seems to be knocking rather loudly. Now to remain open and keep my questioning heart.

Here is the information about the book study; it starts tonight, but, you can join in anytime:

The study begins July 12 and will meet for 4 sessions--every other week at 7:00-8:30 pm at the Catholic Worker House located at 1614 Oakland Park Avenue. Participants are asked to purchase their own book online or at a local bookstore and to read the first 4 chapters before the first meeting. We also have some copies of the book on site, so contact us (614-446-8714) to make arrangements.
The following synopsis is a description from the authors who will be leading the study with us:

Examine the life of a once gung-ho Navy Lt. who, after working with war orphans in Vietnam, abandoned his military career to become a missionary among the poor in Latin America where he saw grave human rights abuses. After learning that the United States Army had trained the killers of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero and four US churchwomen, two of whom were his friends, he set out to close the US Army School of the Americas that has trained hundreds of assassins and dictators. The larger story details how the SOA peace movement grew, drawing thousands of people from every faith and walk of life, including students, veterans, religious leaders, film stars like Martin Sheen and Susan Sarandon, death penalty foe Helen Prejean, and legendary musician Pete Seeger as well as the Indigo Girls.

It’s a movement that has challenged religious and government leaders much in the tradition of Dorothy Day. The movement prompted the Pentagon to close the school, only to find it re-opened under a new name.

Tamarack Tree

I went to a concert at the Quaker meeting here in Columbus. The musician/singer/songwriter who performed is named Tom Neilson. He sang many songs of resistance, Americanism, etc. He told stories and gave away prizes for correct answers to trivia questions. I won a peace necklace that I happily donned. The question I answered was about a horse named Bess. You can hear the story and song by clicking here.

All of his songs had messages and meanings; many were downright funny. A couple of the songs hit a cord with me on a personal level. One of them was called Tamarack Tree. He told of a time that he and a friend climbed a mountain, got stuck in a storm and huddled under the cover of a Tamarack tree. They were there for 3 days in a snow storm, keeping each other warm. He spoke about leaning up against the tree, and the woman with him leaning against him. The picture he painted was one of safety and warmth. It served as a larger metaphor for me.

The other song is called Courage and Faith. I was compelled to purchase the CD for this one. I think God sends messages through people and circumstances and this was no exception. I think courage and faith are themes for me. Now to actually live and act in that knowledge!

He will be in Cleveland today. If you are interested, you can contact the concert organizer to find out more details:

Sun July 12, Ohio City house concert, for reservations and directions
216-375-6888, 8 pm, $10 donation