Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Like Gold to My Kids

Took Alea and Kye out to dinner to Panera Bread tonight.  We were engaged in lively discussion and topics were many and all over the place.   Kye talked about watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb (awesome show) where they went to Hawaii and asked if we could go there this summer.  I laughed saying that trip would probably be a ways off financially for us this year.  Alea piped up and said she was planning on living there.  I looked at her surprised.  She said, "Well Mom, I AM going to be a marine biologist and that is the best place for it!" 

I said jokingly, "But I will miss you!"  Kye piped up, "I can visit my sister in Hawaii!" thrilled at the prospect.  Alea said I could visit her but I may be too old by then. (She did a role play like I could not see or recognize anyone)  Did she really just go there?  "You are 46 Mom!" (Why is it that everything always sounds like she is yelling at me?).  Kye said, "Yeah, Mom you are like older than gold."  Gold?  That is pretty old.  He also added that at least I am not as old as Yoda.  Then we had a great debate about how old that is.  Seems it is a debate in the real world too.

I then said, "Well I look pretty good for being THAT old, and wise best to listen to your old Mother when she talks (wink)."  Big smiles all around.