Monday, March 28, 2016

Discipline and the 4 Tasks

Last week I met a woman who talked about her anxiety regarding entering the college program of her choice.  She took an exam and expected to hear the results in a week or two.  While we were talking, I remembered a commitment I made to myself when I was laid off from a job.  It was a difficult period of waiting.  I wondered each day whether I should continue to strive for a job that utilized my skills and education or work for work sake.  I had to find a way to keep the faith and my spirits up. 

So I devised a plan to maintain my sanity.  It involved doing 4 things faithfully daily.  The days I kept this promise to myself I felt a sense of control and purpose. 

Here is my list:
1.  Do something related to finding employment
2.  Do some form of exercise (walking, Insanity, weight training etc.)
3.  Reach out to a friend (call, email, write letters)
4.  Organize something (a drawer, the spice rack, the pantry, etc.)

Looking back, it was a good time.  I put many things in order and made decisions about priorities--spent  time with my kids and worked to simplify my life. 

So now I find myself thinking of my next 4 disciplines.  Not because I am out of sorts or in a time of crisis, but because I recognize it is healthy to practice discipline.  Promises to oneself are sometimes the most precious. 

Here is my new list:
Each day....
1.  Do some form of exercise
2.  Meditate (eat mindfully, pray, body work etc.)
3.  Lean into my vision and goals (create vision board, ponder with focus)
4.  Connect authentically with another (with patience, attention, intention)

Quite a different list.  Speaks to my desire for depth lately.