Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apathy at it's Best

As the presidental election approaches and the weight of the failing economy bears down, I reflect upon how apathetic I feel within the political realm.  I am losing faith that we have the ability to actually look at issues and work together to solve problems.  I think corruption and greed is rampant.  I don't trust that our leaders, republican or democrat, are really trying to make things better.  Worse yet, I think any true attempts to problem solve may be riddled with so much compromise that integrity is lost. 

So much of what I have held dear regarding our Land of the Free has turned out to be false.  Motives for our fights, reasons we approve one bill and not another.....seem steeped in rationalites often unrelated to the true or intitial intent.  Even more depressing is the fact that I don't know enough and even when I seek information out, there is a good chance it may not be accurate.  So much that happens in Washington is the opposite of transparent. 

I am a believer of learning what you can and making the most intelligent choice.  I just don't like the choices.  Even if I was charged with leading our nation.....I find myself at a loss for how to fix what is broken.  I am concerned that the culture of our government is broken to a level that cannot be repaired without major change. 

I don't say this to disparage our current leader Barack Obama.  I think many of his ideals could have worked with support. Investment in the argument  and polarity between parties makes true progress impossible.


Barb said...

Thanks for your honesty in all of this. I suspect that we as a nation are about to learn what others have been dealing with all their lives.

When honest conversation between opposing points of view dissolves, so too does any hope of real community. I somehow believe that I need to continue to support the political party that promotes the common good. For me, at this point, that continues to be the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Your post reflects the general apathy of so many including those who DO vote but are tragically unaware of the issues. I don't think this state of affairs has precipitated by accident but on purpose. All incumbents, particularly bad ones, benefit from apathy.

I agree that dialog and conversations are dissolving, apparently replaced by polar posturing and glib derision. How unfortunate for everyone.

I don't support any Party because I believe our default "two party" system is a false choice, just two sides of the same corrupt coin. This false choice is glaring if one reviews recent history. I support and indulge open discussion and debate about the important issues we face in our nation. The Presidential debates were usurped from the League of Women Voters jointly by the Republican and Democratic Parties. I will leave you to research and decide why. The result is that legitimate voices are squelched so that sheople feel they can choose only one of two parties. By "sheople", I mean no disrespect to you, or anyone; I am assuming the opinion of those in power.

This outrageous situation is tantamount to a professional wrestling match. The outcome is inconsequential. The audience (or electorate) is satisfies with the faked blood-sport. Imagine the outcry if a legitimate presidential candidate was not only banned from the debates but was actually threatened with arrest if he/she tried to simply attend with a ticket or invitation! Almost none... THAT'S where we were and are. Here are some clips of unbelievable acts regarding Ralph Nader (and I am no Nader supporter per se).
If voting counts were normalized by dollars spent to produce them, I think Ron Paul would be the next president (and I don't support Ron Paul per se).

There's much broken in our system, top to bottom. The fixes aren't to be found in platitudes or pitching groups against each other. The fixes I envision are education coupled with action or revolution and I don't know which is more appropriate.

The Democrats trumpeted their "mandate" in 2008 but I believe people were more interested in throwing out Republicans (given that broad false choice). Similarly, Republicans trumpeted their "mandate" in 2010, failing to understand, I believe, that people were more interested in throwing out Democrats. So the constant opinion that whatever party is in power has failed to serve us, polarized by our two party choice, erroneously appears to swing in FAVOR of one of the parties.

I am admittedly a cynic, but wasn't born this way. I've earned it through observation. I don't think the Democratic Party promoted the common good any more than the Republican Party. I don't think either party does anything more deliberately than serve their own power interests and we foolishly thank them for the crumbs they inadvertently drop to the ground as they hog the bounty of our country for themselves.

I apologize for droning on. It just triggers me when I hear "Party" lines, so to speak, because I think that is precisely the wellspring of Erin's and so many others' apathy.

Finally, you are clearly a deliberate and compassionate person. It is important for the community to maintain balance between its heart and mind, maintaining compassion in its decisions. I am glad ruthlessness has a counter in you.