Monday, December 10, 2007


Above is a film from the Dove Company, their Campaign for Real Beauty. When I first saw this, I felt the need to show everyone- and now I share it with you. This movie gives credence to my sneaky suspicion that we were all subjected to a bunch of lies, all around us, when it comes to the advertised concept of beauty. Billboards, magazines, commercials, etc. try to suck us into believing in the "beauty" of the unrealistic, computer altered images that bombard us.

So, how will we define beauty, for ourselves? I spend minimal time primping (compared to many), yet I shave, pluck, put make up on, get perms etc. And, I must admit that these actions sometimes make me feel better about myself.

Even so, I know I should take better care of my skin, I should exercise more and eat more healthy foods. Another thought is that my body is a temple and it is worth taking care of. When is this considered self care and when is it falling into the category of beauty propaganda?

I am daring to think that beauty may reside within me, around me, and maybe even upon my face.

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