Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fragrant Trees

This is the first year in many years that I have noticed the fragrant trees blossoming. The tree in my front yard is especially bountiful. It looks like a gentle snow happened. And, the flowers are very aromatic.

Weirdness is that I moved in to my new home last year and I did not witness this event. In fact, I cannot remember seeing these trees ever bloom before-anywhere and now as I am driving, I see them everywhere.
Was I oblivious to this phenomenon prior to this or is this a special year, a special place or a special circumstance?

Not sure, but I think I will take this as a sign that it is time for me to flower. Time to open up to possibilities. Time to bloom. I feel like I have been wintering for too long.
Time to wake up, stretch and get my bearings. Want to join me in the journey?


Erin said...

Turns out that I am not going crazy. My neighbor to the west said that this is the first year since he has lived here that the trees have flowered. He has lived here 6 years.

He calls the tree a "cigar pod" tree. If anyone knows what he is talking about and can identify the tree, please let me know. I want to research the flowering qualities of the tree.

Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmm, could it be Erin that the tree never grew because it was waiting for the right tenants to occupy the house? Sounds strange but who knows. If this is the case, then it sounds like you have some good karma and that the universe is receptive to your moving into this space. The flowers could be symbolic of your family growing and prospering and opening yourself up to all kind of possibility thinking for you and your family. I think it's a sign of good fortune to come and the flowers were just welcoming you and your family to this awakening!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was a younger man, we used to "smoke" these things we called "cigars". My friend had one growing in his yard, and we frequently climbed up into it and pretended we were big shots with cigars. One day, we decided to really smoke one, and we both lit up. Next thing I new, I was on the ground. I had gotten dizzy and fallen out of the tree and proceeded to throw up. It's a fond, but not so pleasant experience with a Catalpa tree. Later, I came to love the tree's gorgeous flowers and fragrance, which revealed themselves in late summer. So, if it's a true "cigar tree" as we knew them when kids, then it's the Catalpa tree.