Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thunder Bowling

Early this morning we had a doosie of a thunderstorm. The kind of thunderstorm that wakes you straight up in your sleep- it felt like the sky was cracking. I was quite surprised that the kids did not wake up during the night prematurely. Quinn said he woke up for a short time but went to sleep again.

When Kye woke up I asked him, "Did you hear the thunder?"
He said, "My ears don't work when I am sleeping, but they do work when I am awake."
I said, "So you did not hear the thunder, huh?"
He said, "No, but Mom, why is thunder white? I explained that was not thunder but lightning. Alea piped in, "Kye did you know that thunder sounds like God bowling?"
I commented, "Well then God got a strike last night- it was loud!"
Kye said, "Yeah, God is a good bowler- he is like the oldest person ever!"

Not much to add to that.


Mars Girl said...

My mom used to tell me that lightening was God taking your picture. ;) She said that when she was a kid she used to pose so that he would get a good shot of her. She felt she had to smile to make a good impression. So I always think of that in a t-storm.

Erin said...

Sweet thought. My mom was terrified of all storms and made us go to the basement until it passed over.

Unsimilarly, I love to watch thunderstorms in action- I did have to learn about how to be safe in them when I did outdoor adventures with adjudicated youth as a job, and when I was an adventure therapist.

Mars Girl said...

Ha ha... I'm a chicken/wuss when it comes to t-storms... I'm outside and I see one, I drop everything and look for shelter, where I cower until it passes. ;)