Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feel Good

I find myself bubbling with project ideas and tasks that need to be dealt with over this weekend. The tasks float around in my consciousness vying for attention as my body and spirit hesitate- not knowing which to do first. I can get immobilized by these daunting thoughts and get stuck not accomplishing anything- even with the greatest intentions. And being an idealist I can set unrealistic goals and get exasperated in the end.

But today is different. It began with a pivotal moment where I stopped and asked myself a question.
I started my day with an errand for a friend and set about thinking about getting other things done as well. I headed for the car and I paused, with chagrin, as I realized that I forgot to load the car up with the recyclables. I was tempted to just keep the momentum going and forget about it, but it is then that I asked myself a question, "Erin, right now what would feel good to you, if you did it?". A simple question really.

It was at that moment that I realized that I want to feel good today and I want my actions of the day to reflect that. So, I turned the car off and got the recyclables and grabbed some wipes to wipe off my dash at stop lights (that will make me feel good- do that!). So I did. Recycle bin empty, dash clean- no longer sticky with this gosh awful stuff that Quinn tried out- spray candy. In travel, the spray candy ended up sticking to the dash, while my hair brush deposited a few hairs into the mix - gross!

After finishing my errand, I asked the question again: "Erin, what can you do right now, to feel good?" I did an inventory and realized I had a pie in the fridge at work that was gifted to me and should be taken home and a proposal that is mostly done but needs a few finishing touches. That would feel good to have that done as I walk in on Monday morning. So, I did. Pie for tonight (with vanilla ice cream) and proposal on boss' chair. Yeah!

Seems like a super simple concept - not sure why it has taken me so long to employ. I suppose this is where the Just Do It campaign came from. But for me, it began with the question, then quick analysis to discern which thing to do and then the immediate move to take action.

Leaving the shoulds behind and moving to action is one of the keys to my happiness.


Jackie said...

This is amazing. I am going to try this in my own life. I also struggle with the same multiple-goals-competing-for-my-attention thing, and the inability to decide what to do, and when. Thank you!

Erin said...

Ah, the hard part is deciding which things to do and then what first. I am glad this post brought something to ya. I don't have it all figured out yet, but it was a great day.

Frank said...

I like what Peacebang said about this here:

"It is about... a soul giving itself permission to be at home in the world. This permission comes not from accomplishments or even from the praise, affirmation or love one receives from others. It is an existential resolution; a laying down of arms against oneself not out of self-esteem but out of justice and compassion."