Saturday, August 9, 2008

Go with the Flow

Went canoeing with the kids and their friends. Kye could not go because you need to be 6 to go down the river. We had a great time. Saw all kinds of creatures including: turtles, a kingfisher, water striders, turkey vultures, tadpoles..........

The day was a balmy 75 degrees and we were on the water at 11:00 am - had the river (creek really) all to ourselves. Each of us had turns steering and power stroking. The kids learned about canoe safety, some strokes and how to get each other wet "unintentionally". All and all it was a great day.

This was the first real trip of adventure I have gone on with the kids- or at least the first trip in a long while. And, it reminded me of the passion I have for the outdoors.

A couple of thoughts occurred to me as we traveled down the creek:
The first is that I forgot my cell phone in the car and as I was playing out scenarios in my head, I realized that I preferred being unburdened and I was assured that we would be able to figure out how to solve whatever pickle we could get into- it may be inconvenient or taxing, but we would be OK. I felt a sense of release- almost like this is the way it is supposed to be.....

The second was that I realized that in my excitement for the trip, I was tense as I was paddling- gripping the handle, pushing hard; unsettled to a degree. I found myself having an internal dialog after awhile that sounded like this, "relax, feel your muscles moving, drop your shoulders, breathe........., pay attention to what is around you, play......."- kind of a meditation of sorts.

Sometimes, it just takes becoming aware of what I am experiencing (tension) that can help me redirect my energy- a wake up call so to speak. My little canoe trip was a reminder to me to go with the flow- enjoy the ride,....... be.

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