Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Plain and Simple Truth

When asked what kind of birthday cake Quinn wanted he simply replied, "croissants". So we purchased them from the authority on french cuisine: LeChatelaine. During a prior visit to this fine restaurant, Frank and I decided to treat the kids to a fancy dessert. Quinn opted for a croissant rather than the fancy stuff. He waited patiently for 10 minutes or so as we all chomped (they did not have any in the display case and were kind enough to bake some special at Quinn's request).

When his croissant fresh from the oven was delivered, the other kids drooled at the sight of it--tarts and cookies in the shape of mice were not cutting it anymore. A chorus of "shouldn't Quinn share?" and "I wish we would have gotten that!" dampened the ambiance of luxury at our table. It was then that I made a mental note that decadence can come in very plain and simple packages.

So when I asked Quinn what he wanted for his birthday dinner this year, his easy answer was perogies and croissants-- I went with the flow and it was a beautiful thing. So, tonight our menu included tempura shrimp, perogies, fresh salad with tomatoes from the garden, followed by croissants and ice cream. Good stuff. Smiles and chomping noises were had all around.

Note: 12 candles are hard to place on a croissant.

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