Saturday, October 4, 2008

As I was showering this morning, my kids bounded in asking if they could have candy. Alea was succint and to the point- she was clear about what she wanted and I was able to easily answer. Kye however started like this:

Kye: Mom, can I have some candy?
Mom: What candy?
Kye: Any candy I want?

(it was clear this would take a minute as I continued to wash my hair).

Mom: Where is this candy you want? (I did not want them to dig into the Halloween candy hidden in the front closet).

Kye: (Silent thinking- then a quick decision to bring the candy to me).

He brought in the green bowl with assorted candy and asked: Can I have any one that I want?

Mom: Sure.....(hesitation on my part)

This sounded like a trick question......hmm

Kye: Even the one with trash on it?

Mom: Show me...

I had to see this. Turns out he wanted to open a package that had a Pez dispenser with several candy pieces. So his question was two fold: Can I open a package (are we saving this for something) and, can I eat all the candy that comes in the package?

His simple question got me thinking though. It is my hope that he may ask in the future: Can I have the candy packaged with the recyclable material?

By the way, I said yes, with the caveat to not eat all the candy. And, to my surprise, he followed directions. Pez candy can be addicting :-)


Tiff said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the comment! Well, we found out that all the kids in shelter have lice and not bedbugs, that we can tell... Aye.... Sounds like your job might be just as stressful as mine. How in the world do you keep from getting burnt out, if you don't mind me asking?
Oh, and that was pretty clever the way he asked for that certain candy hehe
Nice to meet you, by the way...

Erin said...

Hi Tiff,
Good to meet you.
I will respond to you on your blog so you get it :-)