Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Well I am stuck. I am having dinner guests on Sunday and I have no idea what to serve. I am having some kind of brain fart- not sure I can explain it. So here is the scoop:

One of the guests is allergic to milk. I cannot seem to get past my compulsion to have mashed potatoes. Other than that, I am coming up empty- any idears?

Comment or email me your thoughts.....hmm.


Jackie said...

Why not make mashed potatoes with soy milk or rice milk? I think you can even use hot water. My sister is lactose intolerant, and my mom still manages to make potatoes she can eat, in one of the above ways.

Erin said...

That is a great idea- being an irish traditionalist, the thought had not occurred to me- but, it just might work! Any ideas for replacing sour cream?

I have heard of the use of chicken stock.

Jackie said...

No ideas for sour cream ~ sorry!

Scott Teresi said...

I made stuffed tomatoes for a pot-luck dinner yesterday that turned out really good. They were stuffed with turkey sausage, brown rice, spices (garlic, fennel, parsley, basil, red wine vinegar), some pine nuts, and a little parmesan cheese, which you could leave out. I got the recipe from Alison, from a high-fiber cookbook.

Erin said...

sounds delicious and right on time. I have fresh tomatoes from the garden that need eating and turkey sausage sounds good.

Of all the things in my garden I don't have parsley or fennel--need to acquire that somehow-- great ideas for future garden planting.

Send me the recipe if you are able. Thanks!