Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ladies in Black

I found this photo in a basket at my aunt's house that resides on the floor beside her tv console. The basket has all kinds of photos of family and friends. This one is of my dad and his brother with some friends of theirs. My dad is the one paddling, big smile on his face-- donning cool shades. What were these boys doing with the ladies in black? A story just begging to be told. Stay tuned. My dad comes for a visit tomorrow, maybe I will get the scoop then.


Erin said...

Well, my dad says that my gpa bought an army raft that they used for years. They would often gather on Sundays and play on the raft. This particular Sunday, they were visiting with Sister St. Mark and her friend (whose name he could not remember). He shared that they often entertained nuns on Sundays after church.

What fun!

Mars Girl said...

That had to make for interesting conversation... ;)