Sunday, December 21, 2008

You're a Really Good Cook Mom!

Alea and I were making brownies today and as she mixed I was working on the dinner entree for the evening. I was making White Bean Chicken Chili. She asked me if I was using her dad's recipe since it is one of his signature dishes and I explained that I was just following the recipe on the can of beans. I added that, "Your dad is a great cook, isn't he?" She said, "Yes.....and you are a really good cook too!" Well I was surprised to hear this- not because I am that horrible but just because it is not one of my strongest suits. If she said you are a really neat mom because you take us places, I would have nodded to myself, but this was interesting.

So, I decided to inquire further, "Alea, what food do you like when I cook it?" She quickly said, "I really like your creamy tomato soup."

I said: "Alea, that soup is from Trader Joes." "Oh, I know" she said, "but I like the way YOU cook it." "Ah." It must be my magic touch as I stir it. I do use a whisk to get all lumps out-- maybe that counts some how.

I do think I consider nutrition and have pretty well balanced meals. I suppose I could work harder at the art of cooking to get a better effect, but that would mean I would need to change a bit. Hmm, something to think about for 2009.


Frank said...

I think she can taste the love in it! :-)

Mars Girl said...

Hmmm.... that white bean chilli looks good... is that picture of YOUR white bean chicken chilli... or is that a stock picture from a recipe book?

Chicken chilli is about the only thing I cook well... I'm getting better at baking, though. I think I would pass out of shock if someone told me that I was a really good cook...

Heather DeShay said...

Hey Erin- You are a great cook. Creative and delicious!

Erin said...

Well guys,
Thanks for the reassuring words. I can say, "at least I cook" which I think has some consolation. I think in our busy culture we find it hard to cook and just are grateful for having something on the table.

MarsGirl, the picture was stolen from the internet-must admit.

Tonight I have added beef sausage, onions, left over green beens and left over mac and cheese to the pot. Thought I would create what we kids called "slobergosh". Hope it goes over.....

Heather, love the hat!