Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Literals Strike Again!

At Aunt Ginger's house we had the most wonderful meal, engaging conversation and the ability to run from the kitchen to the dining room, the living room, the foyer and the family room- completing a loop. What else could one ask for in an evening? Good time was had by all. While getting ready to leave, I asked Kye to get on his shoes.

He said, "They are not shoes mom, they're boots!"
I said, "Don't be such a smart alack!"

He said, "My name is not Alec mom!"

I promptly rolled my eyes and gave him the look. He got his shoes, I mean boots on.

While saying our goodbyes the kids made snow angels, skated on the ice in the drive way and giggled so loud that I thought we would wake the neighbors. They slept good that night. Thank you Aunt Ginger for a wonderful evening.

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Mars Girl said...

I always make snow angels after I'm done shoveling my driveway. Yay!! Snow angels!!