Monday, February 23, 2009

Spirit Music

My Friend Susan
Well, we were invited to a beautiful church service at Holy Rosary and St. John on Ohio Avenue by my friend and colleague, Susan . Mass was at 10:00 am. The church was filled with the most melodic music I have heard in a long while. The liturgical music was designed for singing which may seem strange to say but as some services the music is hard to follow. The kids were grooving right along with the congregation.

The congregation was eclectic and welcoming. Susan introduced us around and invited us to the Black History celebration meal directly after the Mass. It was clear that all were welcome there. The church has a strong ministry to the homeless- they have a food pantry and a soup kitchen that is staffed daily. Good stuff!

The scripture message was about the man who was lowered into a room to get Jesus' attention in order to be healed. The priest smiled and said, "Wouldn't it be nice to have friends like that?" I reflected upon this and realized I do have friends like that. Susan is one of them. She called me to check up on me because she had not heard word from me for awhile and wondered if she would need to break down the door to come and get me out. Now, Susan is maybe 4ft tall if that, but I don't doubt that she would rescue me if I needed it :-). That is friendship! Turns out while my family and I were gallivanting in D.C., my cell phone was ringing off the hook. Unfortunately, my cell phone was tucked in a box at my old place of employment, so I was not reachable. I have a new cell phone now, so at least that dilemma has been remedied-- and I was able to check my old messages (bonus!).

Other friends continue to send me job leads, call me for outings and pray for the "very best job ever" to come my way. I am so fortunate. Not sure what I would do without these true friends.

The priest also asked whether each of us are one of these friends to others and I silently pray that I am.

Anyway, back to church, it is customary at this church that when someone has a birthday they go up to the front and get to hear the whole church sing a very jazzy birthday song. Kye raised his hand when they asked and was the only one up front. He smiled widely the whole time. They gave him an envelope with $2 in it to celebrate. He was tickled.

Then the woman up front doing announcements indicated that it was her birthday weekend when she joined the church. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience.

Here is just a taste of the fine music shared at the Mass- sing along! "Lord heal my soul, for I have sinned against you....."


Tiff said...

Friends like that are the best, aren't they? Glad you got to visit her church, sounds like an awesome place to experience!

Erin said...

It is! Very welcoming. They are an engaged congregation, involved in the world around them and involved in worship. I like it there.