Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolf Sword Story

I went to a retreat a couple of weeks ago through the Cum Christo movement. It is a neat opportunity to refocus on your spiritual path, meet neat people and feel love. It was a great time and I made several friends. While there, we heard speakers and had discussion groups. After one of the talks, I was talking to one of the guardian angels for the group. He was one of 3 guys on the retreat since this was a woman's retreat.

I asked him if the guys retreats were much different, and he said that they basically do the same things. And then, he said that he had a particularly vivid memory of a story that a speaker gave during one of these talks. I am sure I won't get it totally right, but I will do my best to portray it here.

He said that the speaker laid a sword on top of the podium and began to tell a story about a sword that was dipped in blood. This sword was dipped a few times and dried between each dipping. The sword was placed in the snow. A wolf approached attracted by the blood and began to lick, until he did not know if the blood he was tasting was on the sword or his own. The wolf in his attraction, lost sight of the fact that he was getting hurt in the process. The speaker said that this is how sin is with us. We are attracted to it or by it and as we interact with it, we end up getting hurt within the process.

I gotta say, guys are different. Even though, these thoughts were kind of gross, there was something poetic in the metaphor.

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