Monday, June 15, 2009

Coolest Mom

Here is Quinn and Alea with the band Days Difference. They were the opening band for the main act of Plain White T's -- a concert we went to last Friday. We won tickets on the radio for answering this question:

22% of men will do everything in their power to avoid this activity, what is it? Answer later on in the post.

We had a great time and the bands were fun and upbeat. The kids seemed to be genuinely excited to be there and felt even better knowing we won the tickets.

While at the concert, I wondered silently whether my kids would remember times like this and consider me a "cool mom". Since my memory is very poor, I am not certain what memories get stored in there. One can only hope that when they reflect, they will find appreciation and fondness of these times. Then again, they may need to spend time and money on therapy sessions just to decompress for all the unresolved issues I have put them through :-).

Anyway, about ten minutes after I pondered these things, a young guy came up to me and said, "I don't mean any offence, I am a teacher and I just wanted to come over here and tell you that you seem to be the coolest mom ever. You and your kids are clearly having a good time and it is great that you brought them here!"

This divine response has been happening a lot to me. I have a pondering and shortly there after, I get some specific message to answer my "question". What has been most surprising is that it is a direct response--not round about, not like I have to infer something-- crystal clear. In the example above it was the exact wording of "cool mom". Those were the words that I used to reflect upon and those were the words he used to describe me.

I think I am connected to my source. As I continue to put things into the universe, I continue to get great results. Now to give more of my anxiety up and entrust more in this process.

Oh, the answer to question: DANCE


Mars Girl said...

I think you're the coolest mom. =) Well, next to my mom, who is the original Coolest. ;) But you're definitely in the "cool" category.

I think kids remember that stuff. I never felt embarrassed by mom. She used to make sure we were involved in a lot of activities and she interacted with us on our level. She could be pendatic at times... but overall, she is really a great mom. Which is good cuz I can still hang out with her as an adult and have a great time.

In fact, I had cool grandmas too. I have lots of great memories of times spent with both of them. So these things definitely matter.

Mars Girl said...

Btw, Erin, your entry inspired me to write an email to my mom to remind her that I think she's a cool mom. We had spent Saturday evening clothes shopping together and had the greatest time. I think I sometimes forget to tell her how groovy I think she is. Parents need that positive reinforcement, I think, so that they know they did good by their kids. Yours will hopefully tell you thanks and call you cool when they are older too. ;) Or maybe sooner than later~

tiffany said...

Same here, with the anxiety.. it can sure be a thorn in one's side can't it?
I bet you really are the coolest mom :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm rather happy with the way you've turned out. Love, Papa