Friday, June 19, 2009

We Hit the Jack Pot Mom!!!

Kye came running in with Quinn saying, "Mom! Mom! We hit the jackpot, you gotta see!!" Quinn encouraged me to come out too, saying "There are berries everywhere and we gotta make smoothies."
Sure enough, the mulberry bushes were filled with juicy, plump berries just ready for picking. We took some time picking one by one and eventually, I put an old sheet underneath the tree and gave it a good shake. This helped get the berries from the high branches fall down. We grabbed corners of the sheet and collected them together and brought the berries in to make wonderful smoothies--you know the kind of liquid refreshment that sticks to your upper lip as you feel the cool, fruity goodness go down. Yum! Lick those lips!

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Dee Dee Ball said...

Beyond wonderful! Looks like fun!