Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Olde Harbor Inn

A week after my birthday, I had the pleasure of eating and drinking with my sister Louie and her beau Brian in Akron. When asked where to eat, Brian suggested this gem. We sat at the upstairs bar, chatted in a relatively quiet room and covered topics like wine, anti-perspirants, t-rex, Young Frankenstein, and many other various interests.

The owners of the establishment were seated right next to me at the bar enjoying their delectable meal (made by chef Clayton). As I looked on with a bit of dribble on my mouth I secretly wished I had ordered food from upstairs instead of down--this restauraunt has several areas for eating. While pouring wine and eating their food, the owners and I had a nice conversation.
It is clear that these folks are down to earth and thoroughly enjoy living and working near the lake.
A couple of things that struck me, from a restaurant goer's perspective was their desire to have home grown foods like heirloom tomatoes, fresh eggs from a local farmer and creative menus that compliment their wine list.
Visiting them again, is definitely the plan, now what to have-- my favorite--scallops (they are the best seafood restaurant in North East Ohio) or the owner's choice of stuffed pork chops. I must admit, those pork chops were calling to me....yum!

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