Friday, September 25, 2009

Reunion Thoughts

Went to my high school class reunion- first one since I graduated not to long ago. It was a nice gathering. I hardly remembered anyone since my memories are very sparse from that time period. But, I was able to conjure up some memories including:

* Our class did not have a formal yearbook. We were somehow in trouble and bore that consequence. We did however decide to make our own memorybook and did so in rebellion. I was proud of our tenacity and willingness to make it happen.

* I was on the mime team- yeah, it is hard to believe that I can be quiet that long :-). I was actually good at it.

* Saw my math, language arts and choir teachers- all look healthy and had smiles on their faces-- life must be treating them good. Most of my teachers were nuns since I went to an all girls Catholic school. My favorite was Sr. Mary Sheila, my Latin teacher. When I shared this tidbit with others at the reunion they gave me funny looks. You see, she was strict! High expectations was a common thread at St. Joseph's Academy.

* St. Joe's was and is a great school. I took advanced chemistry and physics there, had an internship at NASA, and was prepared well for college. As I think about education for my children now, I am grateful for the experiences I had there.


Frank said...
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Louie said...

Where was your reunion? Mine is next weekend and involves all graduate years ending in 4 and 9. What a gyp.

Louie said...

ooooh... what was the comment? Anything scandalous that you had to remove it?