Saturday, February 6, 2010

Food or Family?

Had a quick heart to heart with Kye a few days ago. He was avoiding going to bed and decided to start a deep conversation. It went a little something like this:

Kye: "Mom, what is more important work or family?"

Me: "Family of course!"

Kye: "I knew you would say that." "What about family or food and water?"

Me: "hmm" in great pondering.......

He interrupts with his own thoughts: "Well, you do need food and water or you die." hmm...."But family is important....." hmm....."You do go to a better place when you die, so I guess family is more important."

Me: "That is true." "Now it is time for bed--we can think more about this tomorrow."

Kye: "Ok, Mom. Love you."

Me: "Love you too, now go to bed!"

Internal thought as I drink my tea: Then again cheesecake is pretty compelling......nah, just kidding!


Mars Girl said...

And if you keep good relations with your family, they may give you food and water if you have none. ;)

Anonymous said...

cheesecake trumps all. Love, Papa