Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

This is my year.  My year to face the truth, live in the present and take each day with eyes wide open.  I may not know how to go quite about it yet, but I am determined.  I know that  focus is one thing that can aid me in the process.

I have had this thought before when thinking about my diet.  I have known for many years that to deny myself anything is just to increase my desire for that very thing.  So, in the past, I have thought to curb my sugar intake or stop eating unhealthy foods to no avail.  Instead, I have successfully fooled myself by deciding to infuse my diet with vegetables and fruits.  Lo' and behold, I have experienced positive effects.  Likewise, I have a feeling that I can apply this same principal to other areas of my life.   They say that your thoughts will lead you to your reality. 

Now, what to think about?  And how to think about it? 

I want to fill my world with positive thoughts--good memories, gratitude, ideas, inspiration, motivation, excitement, possibilities, shared promises, intellectual banter, dreams, acknowledgement of my senses etc.  I want to chose my thoughts rather than be victim to them. 

There is also research suggesting that your thoughts can rework your brain as shared in this npr tidbit. And, truth be told, my brain needs reworking.

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