Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short Jaunt

So I went to Washington D.C. this past Monday - left Columbus around 3:00pm and arrived in Baltimore around 5:00 pm, took a shuttle to catch a train to D.C.. Checked into my hotel and decided to go for a walk around our nation's capital. In my travels I saw the Washington, Jefferson and Korean monuments. Walked about 5 miles in all.

And on my way I met a neat woman named Mary- we were both staring at the same building and both inquired about locations to monuments. We decided to walk together instead of apart and shared stories and vantage points from our parts of the world. She is from Louisiana and I from Columbus.

We passed by many organized sports on the green- mainly softball and kickball (Columbus does not have organized kickball :-(. There were also people walking dogs, running and what seemed to be people freshening up in the decorative water fountains.

After walking a long time, we decided to stop at a refreshment stand - had a very cold water and a Dove Bar. It doesn't get much better than that- good company, good conversation, chocolate and stopping for a rest on a long journey.

On our path back to the hotel it was dark, we heard some commotion a block over and decided to see what was up. Turns out they were showing a movie on a big screen out on the open green. We took our sandals off, sat on the grass and watched a very funny, scary movie; Arsenic and Old Lace. What fun! Cheap; in the right place at the right time kind of fun.

It just proves that if you are open to it, good things will come.

I went back to the hotel, got a good night's sleep and did my presentation at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, ate at the luncheon and hopped back on the train to head home. I arrived in Columbus around 6:00pm- 25 hours later. Not bad for a short jaunt.


Mars Girl said...


That sounds like a lovely, relaxing time... just running into cool things going on... I have had this sort of experience in Europe when wandering aimlessly around cities... It's the best way to experience the full loveliness of moment and find the little unadvertised sites of a place.

Erin said...

I love this kind of travel. I enjoy learning about what a place has to offer and looking forward to things but I am willing to change at the drop of a hat to experience whatever is available on the spur of the moment.

And, I love experiencing local things- food places, local events etc.

Mars Girl said...

I have a rule that I will never eat a McD's when I'm out of the country... should probably follow that more IN the country. Though, I have to admit that I usually dont hit McDs (or similar restaurants) on out of town trips unless I'm in a pinch and need to run.

LindaM said...

Erin, I'm glad you had a great time in DC. I too have fond memories way back in the day. Visiting the seat of government is exciting. You are so cool in letting your hair down and opening to talking, and sharing with a stranger. Life is good to those who accept are living proof of that!!!! Next time, can I go(SMILE)!!!!

Erin said...

I love to meet new people and experience new places. And, I agree Linda, that when we are open to experiences good things can come.