Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Timing

So, I bought lavender at Trader Joe's a couple of weeks ago and adorned my house with it, all the while, making the house smell good. But there came a time, a sad moment, when I felt the need to compost it- past the point of it's prime where decomposition was inevitable.

But, my friend Becky made the connection that I also buy dryer sachets with lavender in them and suggested that I use the remains for that purpose. Initially I poo pooed the idea, thinking I could not engineer such a thing and then I remembered that I spend $6 or so for these little buggers and I decided to try it.

I searched the house for a cloth bag (and found one) and then snipped the strands of lavender to get the aromatic heads in the bag. It worked wonderfully. The sachet can be used multiple times in the dryer and my clothes smell great.

This post may seem like it is dedicated to my ingenuity but really this example gave me reason to pause. You see, I have done alright when it comes to conservation and eco-friendly methods but I realized that I have quite a ways to go.

I am good at composting, recycling and even choosing recyclable packaging but it is in the area of reuse that I fall short. So, this is a challenge to myself and to you to consider ways of reusing our cast aside items- practically or creatively. Have you had an interesting use for something that would normally be thrown (or composted) away? I would love to hear about it- help me change the error of my ways!


Papa said...

Grandma Coletta used to wash, rinse and dry Saran Wrap for reuse. It was fun to see her clothesline.
Love, Papa

Erin said...

Interesting. I remember her washing out baggies too. That is a good one- thanks!

Carole said...

I put some of my oregano from the garden into ice cube trays so it will be there fresh from the garden whenever I need it. Love, Carole

Erin said...

Good one Carole,
I am looking forward to doing that with rosemary too.

The basil is calling for pesto though.

Katy said...

I don't reuse plastic wrap, but have been known to reuse baggies and tin foil, plastic silverware, foil plates and casseroles (that other's think are disposable). I reuse totes all the time. Turn washcloths and towels into rags, when they are ready. :) etc. etc.
Mainly, I like to transform food from one dish into another. Pot roast into soup. Ham into casserole, etc.