Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alea and the Squishy Pillow

I have this two pillow system for total sleeping pleasure. The bottom pillow is firm, skinny and gives form to this ultimate system, while the top pillow is filled with down, soft and very malleable. The top pillow is also skinny so the whole set up is not one that gives a crick in the neck.

My daughter Alea also sees the value of this system and covets this opportunity. At any given moment she will try to sneak the goods. This does put a cramp in my style and provides dilemmas. Do I put my foot down and demand for it to be returned to the rightful owner or decide to share and live without? My responses have been mixed thus far, depending on my charitable mood-- or my desperate need for a good nights sleep.

So, a different dilemma had surfaced as Alea's birthday approaches. Do I attempt to purchase a squishy pillow for her, or is "the pillow" THE pillow, given it's significant value within our world? She tends to like items from me -- like wearing my clothes as bed clothes and such. I have 7 days to figure out this world class issue- what will I do?


Tiff said...

Maybe "gift" her your pillow and get a new one for yourself? lol
My daughter coveted my favorite blanket for the longest time until I finally gave in and gave it to her...

Erin said...

That is definitely and option. It would give her something of mine and take care of my need too. The big question will be if there is another squishy pillow to be found. This pillow is unique as pillows go.

Thanks for the tip Tiff!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending her a little cash this weekend for her birthday.-She can replace your pillows and feel less like she's getting away with something.
Love, Papa

Erin said...

Thanks Papa!