Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I went to my class reunion this past weekend. It was a bit awkward since I don't have many memories from that time period. I did see some of my teachers- Math, Choir and English and was reminded of my love for my Latin teacher- Sr. Mary Sheila (God rest her soul). One woman said I must be smoking something to have liked her as a teacher. Truth be told, I liked teachers that believed in me and expected great things from me. She demanded hard work from us students and I worked well under that kind of support.

I had random thoughts during my experience there, just thought I would jot them here:

  • It seemed that many people I ran into did not yet find thier sense of purpose. A general feeling that their lives were not adequate in some way. I think it is normal for us to wonder why we are put on this earth and want to know that we are fullfilling a purpose.

  • The class of 1983 were rebels. If I remember correctly we were often in trouble. One example of this was that our class did not have a yearbook, somehow we lost that opportunity for not doing what we were expected to do. But, being the rebels we were-- we created our own memory book in protest. It had some original artwork, senior pictures and some quotes in the back-- quite a feat from an organizational standpoint.
  • On a cellular level, I appreciate the education I received. St. Joseph Academy was and is still a great school. It is where I began to believe that I could and should attend college. I was one of the poorest kids in school and they treated me like any other awkward teenager roaming the halls. I took advanced science classes, high level math, typing, choir, peace and justice, death and dying, had an internship at NASA, was on the mime team and many other opportunities that helped shape me.
  • At dinner as I was reflecting over my life and the course of events that lead me to that moment. I felt comfort in knowing that I have been living my mission-- to help people reach their true potential--for most of my life. I am truly fortunate to feel that connection.

  • People said I still look like my picture and I think they meant it as a compliment. It was a lovely gesture. I still feel young and fresh-- especially since there were some folks there who were celebrating their 70th reunion- Wow. They had 8 classes present and celebrating during the evening. The class of '58 had 58 attendees --wow again!

  • Lastly, everyone has a story to tell. There are old stories, current stories and future stories that plant seeds of what is yet to come. I met some beautiful and vibrant women at the reunion and they each had unique tales. I was grateful to hear some of the stories from that time period; it helps to fill in around the edges where I can't remember.

So, here is to my alma mater- St. Joseph Academy. Thanks for the opportunities you opened up for me. I am almost certain that I would not be where I am today had it not been for you.


Anonymous said...

Erin, you are an inspiration and I was so glad you came up. (BTW, your kids are beautiful.)

Erin said...

Thanks Mary, I had a surprizingly good time. I was not sure what to expect :-)