Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Been sick all day. Went to the doctor and he said the I have some kind of bacterial infection. After a breathing treatment and 4 prescriptions I was finally out the door after a 3 hour stop. The doctor was worried about my breathing- took care of things though.

I am tired and just want to relax. I am supposed to eat something, but I don't really have an appetite. The medicine I am supposed to take with food increases appetite. Go figure.

I usually don't complain about things but today I just feel like whining.

I did have energy when I first woke up and I cleaned out my car, washed it down and replaced my head lamp bulb. Thanks to Papa and a guy I met in the aisle at the parts store, I got all the information I needed to do the job myself. Big tip: don't touch the halogen glass bulb- it will cease to work.

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Tiff said...

Feel better soon!