Friday, February 6, 2009

Messy Art Day

As I was picking up Kye from school today he shared:
Kye: "Today was a messy art day."
Mom: "Have fun?"
Kye: "Not so much."
Mom: "Not an art guy?"
Kye: "No, I am way interested in scuba diving."
Mom: "What do you find interesting about scuba diving?"
Kye: "Swimming and figuring out stuff."
Mom: "What kind of stuff would you figure out?"
Kye: "You know, like how fish sleep with their eyes open. Stuff like that."
Mom: "That is interesting stuff."

Later in the bathtub:
Mom: "You want to meet someone who scuba dives?"
Kye: "I'm still a kid Mom."
Mom: "Yeah but you could still explore the idea."
Kye: "Do you know anyone who scuba dives?"
Mom: "Not that I know of, but I could ask."
Kye: "I am learning about penquins now."
Mom: "Interesting."
Kye: "I want to go to Antartic."
Mom: "What would you do there?"
Kye: "See how penquins slide on thier bellies."

Kye: "I think I would like to be a scientist after I become a scuba diver."
Mom: "There are scientists that are scuba divers."
Kye: "What do they do?"
Mom: "Study the ocean and all the living things there."
Kye: "Hmm..."


Anonymous said...

Hey, Erin- Uncle Jim is a scuba diver. He's gone over 100 feet deep. Kye would enjoy talking to him and seeing equipment close up. Love, Papa.

Anonymous said...

that's Great Uncle Jim.

Erin said...

That would be awesome!

Mars Girl said...

I wonder why these young kids are obsessed with scuba diving. My coworker has a daughter about Kye's age who says that when she grows up she wants to move to Hawaii and become a scuba diver... I'm sensing a flood of biology majors at college in about 15 years!

Erin said...

Not sure why the obsession, but when I was discussing the fact that my uncle was a scuba diver, Alea's ears perked up. Alea is the best swimmer in the family (that says a lot since I have been a life guard) but she has a natural talent in the water. She spends more time under water than not.

Anyway, is there a way she could get a chance to try it, Uncle Jim?

I do not know enough about scuba to know whether you need to be a certain age or not.

Let me know!