Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kye Turns 6!

Yesterday we celebrated Kye's 6th birthday. It seems like it was just a short while ago that he was 6 months old traveling in Ireland with me. Alas, how time eludes you......
The party was a fun affair. Kye thought of every detail including the stipulation that it be a costume party. We had a scavenger hunt, tissue throwing game and a Wii station. Kye blew out his candle on the pizza because, "Mom, I don't like cake". (What is it with my kids?). The other party goers were willing to oblige. The pizza itself was a sight to see. It is the biggest pizza ever! (The picture does not do it justice). I had to turn it on it's side to get it in the car. It is called the Giant and has 49 slices. It comes from a place called Porto Fino's. They have great sandwiches there too- but I digress.
Kye was clear that he wanted to have a fashion show once everyone arrived. He felt it was important to have each person on "stage" so they could introduce themselves and what their costume represented. We some traditional costumes and some very creative ones.
As we waited the first half hour was filled with hustle and bustle. Kids running throughout the house and around the inner circle of the house The chase was fierce. It seems like the fire man and police man felt the need to capture Spider Man-- the others followed suit. It was pointed out that Spiderman gets along with the police and even if he was in trouble he wouldn't get caught-- 'cause he got skills. There was a very rational debate about this.
It was fun to be around family and friends and Kye exclaimed emphatically that he had a great time.
You ever wonder what your kids will remember when they are older; or, what they will be talking to their therapist about? Ah.....all we can do is our best.

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Tiff said...

Fun party, he had some terrific ideas!!! Laughing at the thought of having to turn the pizza on it's side because it was so big! lol