Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Our DC trip was engaging, eclectic and fun! A few pictures below of the highlights-my camera battery died during the trip--ugh.

Here is Alex- we got to watch him play basketball in his tournament games (3 games total). I did not realize how vocal I can be when I actually know someone on the team. Go Alex!
Friendship at its finest. Sweetest moment: Kye taking a picture of Caden and Caden exclaiming: "You are my best friend Kye-Kye!".

Me and the big guy. He can be found at the Hirshorn. His face and body are so realistic- I must admit, I experienced empathy for him. I decided to hop in the picture so you could get an idea about size. Alea is the photographer here.

Motley Crew out sight seeing.

Brushtrokes-- look familiar?

Love the Metro!

Homemade potato and leek soup from yours truly-- so simple, so delicious.

Green Ridge Mountain Overlook. Cold but pretty.
I plan to visit again soon when I have money. This was the cheapest vacation ever. Becky housed and fed us (thank you!); we paid for 3 tanks of gas, 4 metro tickets and one meal out. All the attractions were free. Total out: $116--not bad.
What was the best though, is that my dear friend Becky along with the kids and I had some good quality time together. It was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's weekend. Conversations with tea, sharing house tasks, playing outside, walking to the Metro, collecting worms, meeting friends, hootin and hollerin, packing lunches, playing tag, working our muscles on the chin up bar, swimming in the bathtub ........memories in the making.

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Tiff said...

Great pictures of a wonderful time!
The one of that man freaked me out for a second when I first glanced at it, but the more I look at it, the more it makes me sad for some reason...
If you ever want to take a vacation up my way, give me a shout, would love to have you all as houseguests! Not much to show you around here but it would be fun anyway LOL