Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • I wonder how I, alone, can create a sink full of dishes? How many cups must a girl use in one day? From this day forward, I pledge to reuse the dish I start out with. What a concept.
  • I am hoping to build a chicken coop, housing 4 hens in the backyard. Soon I will be posting a wish list if anyone has materials that they are willing to donate to the project. Having fresh eggs, unprocessed and free from antibiotics is a cool concept. I am equally excited about my children learning where their food comes from.
  • Alea is selling girl scout cookies, if you must have some, let me know and she will hook you up.
  • I am trying to learn guitar, if anyone out there has something to teach me, I am open to it. I have appropriately formed calluses and I am willing to use them.
  • The wind has been ferocious tonight; lights have flickered and the rain is tapping on the window. I am simultaneously experiencing feelings of awe and fear. Rarely am I spooked, but tonight, adrenaline is present. My mom would make us hide out in the basement when a storm would come. I usually am the person getting a blanket and watching the storm, while others are hiding away. For some weird reason- not tonight.
  • We have a guest living in our house-- a mouse. Saw him today. That will need to be dealt with. Also went into the garage loft and found a cat visiting there. What is up with my animal energy?
  • Kye asked today if we are sideways. When I inquired further, he said, "You know Mom, on the Earth. You know the Earth is spinning, are we sometimes sideways?" I let him know that yes sometimes we are sideways, and sometimes, we are almost upside down. I then went into an explanation of gravity. The conversation seemed to fizzle from there. But, I am encouraged that this kid really thinks about things. I can only imagine what other thoughts he is having in there. Wouldn't it be neat to climb into some one's brain and really see what is going on? I think Kye's brain would be a fun one. I am beginning to wonder if my brain would be a boring one. Hmmm.......


Mars Girl said...

The cat might help you with the mouse problem. ;) Maybe it was looking for the mouse...

I think I've always been a little sideways, regardless of the rotation of the planet. ;)

Tiff said...

I never even thought about being sideways or upside down! What a great thing.
Yikes, I had a house mouse a couple times in my life. was making my ex-husband a sandwich and felt something on my foot, looked down and it was just sitting right on top of my foot, pretty as you please. LOL