Saturday, March 7, 2009

Made BLT sandwiches last night and my oldest son Quinn said, "Keep 'em comin' Mom". That is the nearest he has come to a compliment in awhile. I do most things without any expectation of accolades (except for demanding a polite thank you) but it is sure nice when one comes unprovoked.

He does this on occasion like him saying that his guitar was the best Christmas gift ever-- but most of his connections are more subtle. Today he said, "I started a new book Mom." That was a very indirect signal to let me know that I could get the same book from the library and read along with him. Having supersonic intuitive powers helps in this family-- luckily, I have the good fortune to have them.


Mars Girl said...

Oh!! That's sooo cool! It's like an invitation to a book club! Man, I totally would have loved to share a book with my mom and have a discussion about it! She doesnt read many books these days--too busy. I wish she would since she was the person who got me into reading in the first place!! Though, for Christmas, I bought her this collection of essays called 'This I Believe' which is something NPR started where people write little 100 word essays about what they believe. Some of them are very clever and I knew my mom would like this book since she only had to read one essay at a time. She told me the other day that she was really enjoying it. So maybe I need to pick up a copy and read it and then we can share our favorites together.

Erin said...

It has worked in our circumstance. I did not ask him to join in, I just did and it went from there. Actually, I was intially hunting around for something to read before bed and he recommended one of his books. Cool beans.