Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Making of Stonehenge

My Aunt Kathleen sent this video to me in an email. As St. Patrick's Day approaches I am reminded of my Celtic heritage and this video shares the mystery of moving heavy blocks for the creation of Stonehenge . There are other sites where large block stones are erected in Ireland, England and Scotland alike. Stonehenge is located in England.
I have often thought there is mystical energy at these sites. I visited one in Ireland that had an ancient wisdom about it. It has also been known to be a place of healing. And, I think it is downright beautiful.
I am fascinated by how things work and how to do things with simple tools; utilizing the simplest method. This video showcases both these qualities.

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Mars Girl said...

I've always been fascinated by these structures too. When I was in Italy, I pondered the whole idea of "power sources" on the earth--places that seem to emanate or pull spiritual power. I haven't felt this sort of thing myself, but after visiting the Pantheon--which was once a worship place to the Olympian gods but was converted into a church when Christianity took hold in the Roman Empire--I started to wonder if perhaps it wasn't just covering up the sacred place of one religion with the newer one. Perhaps we build churches and religious centers in places where we feel power emanating. Or maybe by placing something there, we create or channel the power of the divine.

It's not just the religious places that seem to emanate power. I swear I felt power emanating from the bricks of the Collesseum when I touched it. Maybe I'm imagining things. I still only partially believe my own theories.