Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Devil is Gonna Get Ya

Had a chat with Alea in the car the other day. We were talking about "bad" words and when it is ok to say them. There is a particular snappy song on the radio that features the word hell a lot-- so she wanted to know the official ruling on such things. Should she sing the lyric or not?

Usually, I dole out an official answer and we may talk a bit more about it but this time, I decided to share the why behind. I basically told her that words have power-- power for positive or power for negative impact. The guideline I suggested was to evaluate whether a word brings about good feelings or negative feelings and choose accordingly. She seemed to understand.

Then we started to talk about hell. Hell is an actual concept about a place. She sat there thinking for awhile and basically said. "Mom, I think that our souls go to God and that our skin and bones go to the devil." I asked her, "Why so?" and she responded, "That would only be fair-- that way they both get something."

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Mars Girl said...

I love how kids work things out... ;) It seems so logical... Maybe we should send them out to solve our world's problems. They seem to have more creative ideas.

Though, personally, I dont want the devil playing aroudn with my bones... even sans my soul...