Friday, May 1, 2009

Yes, your very own Erin Sprouse (not Sprouss) was on TV yesterday. This interview gives a snippet of what we are trying to do at the Ohio Benefit Bank.

Would it have killed me to wear a little color? Well, I guess we live and learn. I was soooo tired yesterday and surprised when the TV crew showed up.

Note to self:

1. Get some sleep!

2. Wear color!

3. Smile more!


tiffany said...

So neat to know what your voice sounds like! I think you did a terrific job, wouldn't even have thought of those things if you wouldn't have brought them up LOL

Sister Valor said...

Erin you are just awesome and are such an asset wherever you happen to be. You are an inspiration to me. Keep on being tue to who you are because you encourage me.

Sistor Valor