Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Love Priciples

I came across The Love Principles in a stack of stuff I have saved from past research. Below, I have printed this in it's entirety. I am experiencing transformation lately and these principles ring true to this process for me; thought I would share.

(as received in 1970)

  • Receive all persons as beautiful exactly as they are.

  • Be the change you want to see, instead of trying to change anyone else.

  • Create your own reality consciously.

  • Provide others with opportunities to give.

  • Have no expectations, but rather abundant expectancy.

  • Problems are opportunities.

~Arleen Lorrance

Choice is a life process. In every new moment of awareness, you are free to make a new choice.

This list is a good one and I find that for some of the items I have a natural inclination (seeing beauty, opportunities to give and a positive perspective on problems) but the others hold difficulty on some level. I am going to consciously meditate on these principles this week and see where that leads me-- care to join me?


Alison said...

I'll join you, Erin. What do you think this means, exactly?

"Have no expectations, but rather abundant expectancy."

Frank said...

I think it means not holding people to an image of them that you need them to be, but being full of great expectations and having faith in the bounty that is there.

Erin said...

I suppose it means not to expect an outcome but to have faith of the wonderfulness to come.

Ciara said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for the inspiration.

And thank you for your sweet birthday wishes!

Dhruva said...

hei hei

Erin said...

Hello to you Dhruva! At least, I think that is the translation of hei-- is that correct?