Monday, September 5, 2011

Universe Requests

Thought I would put out a list of desires here and into the universe.  If you are able to assist me with any item, I will gladly accept your kind offer.  Below are things that have been accumulating in my "to do" or "wish I had" thoughts:

  • Help with quilting.  The quilt I am working on is mostly applique--has a desert/woodland scene with a coyote.  I am hoping to finish this quilt by December.  The picture we are trying to recreate is from a book entitled, The Girl Who Loved Coyotes. It is beautiful and the task can be a nice relaxing one.  Join me in the fun.
  • Perennials--would like some to fill in my garden.  It will motivate me to clear the flower beds of weeds.  Got any that you need to split this Fall?
  • Book recommendations--would like mostly non-fiction options.  ~Also want to read the third book in the Hunger Games series--got a copy I can borrow?
  • My son would love a fish eye lens for his video camera (you know it is the best way to film skateboarders) for his birthday.  It is a pricey item.  If you know a good place to get such things let me know!
  • Looking for a couple other families to have a dinner swap with.  The concept is that you cook for the number of families in the circle and swap items.  If there are 4 families, you walk away with four (4) dinners, prepared and ready to freeze or eat for the week.  I am thinking of doing this 1 x per month. 
I am sure there are more desires to share, but they do not come to mind yet.  Hoping this posting finds you well and that you too can benefit from the universe. 

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