Monday, January 31, 2011

Pantry Challenge

Ok, are ready!  It is time to eat everything in the pantry.... 

No, not all at once!  

We endeavor to actually eat what is already in our pantry and not go grocery shopping until we do.  For one month (and more if this goes well), we plan to get creative.  We have some interesting things in the pantry.  Take a look below:

We will need to go to the grocery for things like milk, eggs, and things that may compliment a specific recipe.  Most recently when I did the pantry inventory, I ventured to use some unique items including, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, wheat germ and adobe seasoning.  All of which have not see the light of day for some time now. 

You may be wondering how we used these interesting items (glad you asked ;-): stir- fried orange chicken, broccoli cheese strudel and adobe rice with sausage--yum!

So why embark on this adventure?  I suppose because we can.  So many times I look in the cupboard and say we have nothing to eat.  It is time to prove myself wrong.  There are some interesting things in there and with a little planning, we can make some tasty stuff. 

With busy schedules and hunger in the belly as soon as we hit the door of the house after a long day, it is often hard to "see" the possibilities in the fridge and cupboard.  By taking a little time, doing an inventory and planning recipe, I think we will be ahead both in the pocketbook and in the stress department.  I find that my life goes much smoother when there is a plan in place. 

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Frank said...

It's a great way to avoid waste and a great opportunity to be creative!

I think the biggest waste items are the fruits and vegetables. I have to admit that I feel less bad if a few pasta noodles or some bread gets thrown out (unless it's expensive organic bread where after you eat two slices it spontaneously bursts into green mold practically before your eyes). But fruits and veggies are the place where they go bad before we eat them.

Some things are just wasted because they are purchased but never used, so there is a "waste" just that way. So this project'll be a good way to avoid that!