Friday, March 6, 2009

Saving Blog

Of late, I have been considering ending my blog. I am not certain what I will do about that yet. But, I wanted to know if anyone knows how to save the content within the blog on your computer?-- A way to save posts, pictures, links etc. Any advice here would be helpful-- thanks!


Mars Girl said...

NO!! Dont stop your blog, Erin!!!! BOOO!!! What will I do without Conversations with Kye?!?! You cant do this to me!

As for saving the blog, I've been cut and pasting them from the website into Word. Long and tedious process. But it's the only way I could come up with doing it and I like to save everything I write. Although, I've only archived 2007 this way... I still have all of 2008 to do on some rainy boring day.

Erin said...

I appreciate your support. It is nice to know that what I write is somehow connecting to others.

The process you describe for saving sounds very tedious.

You have been blogging a long time girl.

Tiff said...

Awww, I would sure miss you if you left...
If you subscribe to your own blog over at Google Reader, you will be able to see all of your posts there and email them to yourself. It would take a little while, but would be worth it to have them all.
I wish that I hadn't deleted my other blog, Melancholy State of Mind, I forgot to save the posts first, grrr...
Hope you decide to stay, but if not, hope you'll keep in touch through email, I've really enjoyed getting to know you!

Scott Teresi said...

You could consider not formally "closing" the blog, but leaving it there as a versatile outlet of communication for the future, in case the mood strikes. I think there's nothing wrong with a blog that doesn't have frequent posts. I subscribe to a few that were dormant for a year between posts.

Blogger provides a way to export and save your entire blog in its own somewhat proprietary format (Settings -> Basic -> Export Blog link). It's in XML format, so it's readable to some degree by other programs (XML will be around for a while), and I think it can be imported into other blogs and of course can probably be re-imported into Blogger for the foreseeable future. XML also means you can open it in a text editor and see your text among the gibberish.

If you open the file in Firefox, you can read your blog entries and comments okay. I think if you open it in Safari, it actually looks almost perfectly usable, with no gibberish! It probably does use some sort of standardized format.

I tried it with my own blog. I finally started a blog! We'll see what happens with it. It's here: I'm hoping to post some of my photos eventually.

Erin said...

Thank you all for your tips.

MarsGirl, It does sound tedius, but I find myself going through 4,000 emails (not joking) and deleting/keeping etc. It is worth doing to make space and to save what is meaningful. But, tedious nevertheless. I suppose this is only 150 or so posts-- not as tedius.....

Tiff, this may be a viable option. But then, I would need to trasfer to my computer (non-email form). I wonder if you can save multiple posts this way. By the way, I was surprised to see your blog go and thought you had some good stuff there. I hear ya about the loss. Thanks for the techie tip.

Scott, I'll have to research the whole export thing. It may be a way to keep some functionality. I have seen "dead" blogs out there too. I want a way to save the content so I would not be dependent on Blogger for the info.

I am not quite certain what I will do it is a time of discernment.

Thank you each for helping me to think this through! E

Tiff said...

Thinking about starting that blog up again but with Wordpress, maybe that will be my one experiment to see if I like it!
Looks like you and I are both at a blogging crossroads. I've thought about just putting mine on hold, but instead I'm getting rid of facebook and myspace. I don't know why I ever got them to begin with, although some really good things have come of them, like contact with my biological children. I don't think I would have ever met them otherwise.
Hope you're having a good weekend and enjoying nice weather!