Thursday, March 5, 2009


OK what is the cruel trick that Girl Scout Cookies come out at Lent time?

The interesting thing is that I am detecting the smallest amount of sugar in food. The other day I made a homemade pot pie. A lovely flaky crust, rice, chicken, loads of veggies. Yum! And, as I took each bite, I could taste the hint of sugar in the crust. Good stuff.


Tiff said...

I always wondered about that! lol
I don't know very much about Lent at all, but one of my supervisors gives up chocolate every year, and it's practically the same day all those pretty boxes of thin mints come rolling into the office!

Erin said...

Well, Lent for me this year is to remind myself of my connection to God. So, many times, I get caught up in my own troubles or own doings that I forget how loved I am.

So, every time I reach for sugar, I say "hello God!", it has been such a good thing for me this season. For some reason it has been different this year.

I suppose I am learning to appreciate that connection more and more.