Monday, April 20, 2009

Watching the Needle Go In

I was talking to a friend the other day about how knowing what to expect or how having information is helpful to me when facing challenges.

An example of this is when I get a shot at the doctors. Many nurses/doctors will recommend that you turn you head so you don't get wigged out by seeing the needle go in.

For me I tend to wig out if I don't face the action. If I am not looking, I jump and jerk. One time, I actually ended up pulling the needle out of my arm-nearly giving the doctor a heart attack in the process. (It was an automatic reaction.)

So, I have learned to watch the needle, anticipate the pain, breathe through it. The effect is one of calming my fears, encouraging bravery and affirming my choices. In this "knowing" I can be my own best friend and talk myself through it. Doubt or unknowing, breed insecurity, fear and anxiety for me.

It is a lot less scary for me to know what is up- I feel empowered to make decisions and cope with circumstances. I think this is true for most situations we encounter.

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Mars Girl said...

Ugh, I understand your reasoning, but if I watched the needle go in, I'd surely faint. I did, in fact, once watch and I got woozy and sick-feeling the way I do when I see myself or someone else bleeding, so I decided I should just look away and wait for the shock of the pinch.

What does that say about my personality? ;)